About Insomniac Security

Und3rf10w Jonathan Echavarria (@und3rf10w) has over half a decade of experience in the Information security industry, which sounds like a lot if you don’t think about it too hard. His primary interests include adversary emulation, reverse engineering, and good old fashioned breaking into networks. Currently, he works as a Red Team Operator while performing security research in his spare time. He holds a number of industry certifications including OSCE, OSCP and CEH.
violentlydave David Switzer (@violentlydave) is a red team operator who has 20+ years of experience in systems and network security. Some alphabet Soup: GSE #136, OSCE, Multiple GIAC certs, CISSP and ITILv3 (I keep it gangsta). His obsessions/amusements include RF, wireless networks, hardware hacking, and other expensive time sinks.

Jonathan and David work at ReliaQuest in Tampa, Florida, a leading co-management security provider.